21 April 2012

Losing Mr. North; Elaine Kagan

Losing Mr. NorthLosing Mr. North by Elaine Kagan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

There were no surprises here, and nothing really special either.

Mr. North is former Detective Jack North, a married man who spends 3/4 of his time with his wife, Linda, and 1/4 of his time with his mistress, Rachel.  Both women are really passive, allowing him to come and go, making no demands (even on something as simple as making him eat chicken rather than ribs).  One day, on the road between Linda and Rachel, he disappears.

The writing is a little like what you'd expect from a screenplay, with the emotions not laid out but supposed to be conveyed by deep, long looks and silences.  It was a little annoying to get the references to detectives on screen and on the page (I really hate that, with the exception of the "Death on Demand" series), and it probably would have been more powerful had we not detoured into the lives of the children, his former partner and Charlie, the local policeman, as it diluted what little emotional impact this might have had.

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