14 April 2012

Read Between the Lies;

Read Between the LiesRead Between the Lies by Lori Bryant-Woolridge
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This chick lit soap opera was a little too heavy handed at times to really appeal. The stories of Felicia, Stephanie, Gabrielle and Beatrice intertwine, with each helping and harming the other. There are love affairs gone wrong, backstabbing, revelations, retribution and all the other elements that one expects from this genre.

The problems, for me, were the stridency of Lexis' rhetoric and the Big Issue of Gabrielle's illiteracy. The former might have sounded better had I read this when the book was published, but today it sounds dated and unsubtle. The latter felt as though it was the entire reason the book had been written, as though the author had said, "I have this illiterate character running around in my mind... what story can I plop her in?" rather than letting it emerge organically. That's not to dismiss the real problem of adult illiteracy, but it doesn't make for a great read. The denouement and Stephanie's comeuppance also felt too neat.

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