11 April 2012

Waves; Sharon Dogar

WavesWaves by Sharon Dogar
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is "Ghost" meets Lovely Bones - a teen, Charley, is "half-dead" (in a coma, in the hospital) a year after she is found in the ocean. Her brother, Hal, their parents and younger sister have returned to the family vacation house in Cornwall, where the memory and mystery of what happened that night still haunt them. Told partly in the present day by Hal, partly in the present day by Charley and partly during the previous summer, when Charley fell in love with Pete, we get glimpses of what happened and who might have done it. It's only at the very end, when Hal channels Charley, that we actually find out how she got injured.

The blend of present day and past, and of the two voices works. It's not as creepy as it could have been, and at times Hal's obsession with finding out what happened leads to improbable events. Jackie's friendship, for example, should not have lasted as long as it does, given Hal's problems. Charley's emotions, both alive and in the coma, do ring very true for a teen in love and scared.

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