23 May 2012

The Bird Saviors; William J. Cobb

The Bird SaviorsThe Bird Saviors by William J. Cobb
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Another DNF: I kept trying to like this, trying to understand how the threads would tie together, trying to care about the characters.  And at first I did, but by halfway through, I realized that I never would.

This was promoted as having dystopian overtones, but all I saw was a fever and a dustbowl-like climate.  The addition of the FLDS seemed a bit gratuitous, as Lord God would have been just as effective had be preached for any other denomination (and his preaching?  didn't really play a role in the portion of the book I read).  It didn't make a lot of sense that Juliet would come back to care for Lila, and the Becca/wedding ring episode was forced.

In thinking about it, this was really a few shorter stories (or novellas) that were interlinked.  Presenting them that way might have been more effective, rather than forcing additional links to create one novel.

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