27 June 2012

Gone; Mo Hayder

GoneGone by Mo Hayder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How did I not know about this author before?  Very dark, similar to Stephen Booth's Cooper & Fry series (although Jack Cafferty nothing like Ben Cooper).

There's an odd carjacking: a man in a Santa mask performs a seemingly opportunistic jacking, not realizing that there's a little girl in the back of the car.  In these cases, the child is usually returned (well, released) rather quickly... except this doesn't seem to be "these cases" and Martha hasn't been released quickly.  Cafferty and team start to realize that the jacker targeted the car because it had a child in the back, and that this is part of a pattern; in the other cases, the children were released.  Then there's another carjacking, and another girl taken.

Then there's Sgt. Flea Marley, still dealing with her cover-up of her brother's fatal hit-and-run and trying to get her Underwater Search Unit back on track.  The search for the missing girls in part helps, but her hunches start to endanger her and her second-in-command... and then finally her.

The character development is, as always in these cases, very slow and there are so many layers to Cafferty and Marley still to be unwrapped.  Their history, both together and apart, is one of solitary togetherness, a professional relationship that may never be much more because of the damage they each have.  As for the mystery, the main suspect was clearly a false lead and my guess as to who had point them in that direction was right (but it wasn't so obvious that I didn't have to check the back of the book!).

Definitely a "buy more" author/series.

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