26 June 2012

Monkey Wrench; Terri Thayer

Monkey WrenchMonkey Wrench by Terri Thayer
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This wasn't the cloying cozy I'd anticipated, nor was it much of a mystery.  Instead, this series about a quilt shop owner, her police officer boyfriend and her staff and quilting friends is really more of a character study hung around a vague mystery.  There are two dead bodies and one attempt (that's the cozy part), and luckily the characters don't go a-sleuthing but do what most of us would do when faced with an unexpected, untimely death.

What was surprising was how little quilting actually came into this.  I think of The Knitting Circle - admittedly, not a mystery - and how the stitches and patterns are explained throughout the book.  Here, the title pattern doesn't even rate a real diagram or explanatory paragraph at the end of the book, much less more than a cursory mention or two inside (there is a scene with Dewey showing Sonya how to put the cut pieces together, but if you're not a quilter...).

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