14 June 2012

Phantom; Jo Nesbø

PhantomPhantom by Jo Nesbø
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Poor Harry Hole: all he seems to want to do is nurse his physic wounds while working as a debt collector in Hong Kong.  Yet in The Leopard he's dragged back into the world of serial killers and the internecine fighting between Kripos and Crime Squad.  Three years later, he's pulled back again because his "son", Oleg, has been arrested for the murder of Gusto Hanssen and Harry's convinced he can 1. solve the murder and 2. help Oleg (and by extension, the love of Harry's life, Rakel).

The killing seems to have been motivated by drug use - there's a new drug out, more effective than herion, less chance of overdosing and, most important, cheaper.  It's called violin and it's synthetic.  And no one knows who's creating it or who the man, Dubai, the head of the drug distribution rings is.  Harry's investigation finds him skirting the world of the Russian mob, looking into drug enforcement efforts and even grave-digging.  Of course there's the usual violence and darkness.  By the end of the book, we know whodunnallofit and why they dun it... and Harry is in a situation I don't quite see how he's going to return from.

When I read this, for some reason I see "Rich Man, Poor Man"-era Nick Nolte playing Harry. Anyone else see that?  Anyway, the running internal, dying monologue of Gusto's dropped this a star - it didn't illuminate anything in the story for me.

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