04 July 2012

3 Below; Patrick Carman

Floors #2: 3 Below3 Below by Patrick Carman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This falls into that "mysterious and weird things happen to kids" genre: the previous book sets up this one, where Leo is now the owner of the Whippet Hotel, an odder-than-normal hotel in New York.  Odder than normal means that there are floors that don't appear where one would assume they do, the ducks on the roof have their own elevator, there's a double helix elevator, a puzzle room and many other wonders.

In this book, Leo and his best friend/new stepbrother Remi are asked by the former owner, Merganzer, to obtain a few items for him, including money to pay back taxes.  Their search is complicated by the fact that the now-banned Ms. Sparks is colluding with Mr. Yancey to purchase the hotel and tear it down in favor of a Trump-like monstrosity.  Along the way they meet Ingrid and Dr. Flart, drink Flart's Flizz and eat Zoooob, and encounter Loopa (a very tiny monkey), giant ants, a domino puzzle... and many other things.

This will definitely appeal to Mr. Carman's fans, particularly those middle grade boys who like Roald Dahl and think the Carman books are approaching Dahl's genius.

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