06 July 2012

Adaptation; Malinda Lo

AdaptationAdaptation by Malinda Lo
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Two average high school juniors travel from San Francisco to Phoenix for a debate championship. Their return home is delayed by an incredibly odd occurrence: two threefour planes crash around the country thanks to "bird strikes". Actually, according to conspiracy site bin42, there were many more crashes and the government is covering this all up. On the drive home, there's a car crash and the teens wake up a month later in a mysterious government medical facility in Nevada... on their return home, things aren't quite normal.

The teens, David and Reese, team up with Julian to explore (and explain) what's going on - what's being covered up, and why people are bugging Reese's home. And then there's Amber, who literally skateboards into Reese and into her heart. Who Amber is, exactly, seems to be a mystery, fueled by the fact that she seems to know the doctor who treated Reese after the accident.

I knew this was going to be a little different when within the first few pages The Left Hand of Darkness was namechecked and setting a conspiracy book in San Francisco is perfect, as it hearkens to Little Brother. My problem with it was I kept thinking how much better this book would be if the leads were switched, with David as the main character and Reese as the secondary. Why? Because there are so many of these books now with strong female leads, and a strong male would make this a better sale to boy readers.

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