06 July 2012

Betrayal; Gregg Olsen

BetrayalBetrayal by Gregg Olsen
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

A DNF - while the plot was interesting, the writing was getting to me and I gave up after the "banana bread loaf-sized muffin top" jiggling in the "skinny jeans [that] only work if you're actually skinny".  The author needs to cut back the adjectives and extraneous descriptive phrases by about 2/3 and beef up the rest of the plot.

Which, as I said, did look interesting: a British exchange student, Olivia, is violently murdered at a Hallowe'en party.  The hostess, Bree, is rich, self-involved and overly indulged; and the homestay hostess, Beth, and Olivia had an argument before the party.  Or possibly this death had something to do with the death (in a previous book) of Katelyn.

Thanks to the writing style, I'll never know.  Perhaps those less bothered by it will enjoy this.

ARC provided by publisher.

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