02 July 2012

Horten's Incredible Illusions; Lissa Evans

Horten's Incredible Illusions: Magic, Mystery & Another Very Strange AdventureHorten's Incredible Illusions: Magic, Mystery & Another Very Strange Adventure by Lissa Evans
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one of those books that will definitely suffer if you haven't read the first book, Horten's Miraculous Mechanisms. Continuing the story, Stuart Horten (10, but looks younger) and April (also 10) start to look at the incredible magical tricks that Stuart's uncle, Tiny Tiny Tony Horton, left: somewhere in there is his will, indicating who should inherit the tricks.

Using a combination of luck, observation and puzzle-solving, the two explore the various tricks, figuring out how they work and and going on some incredible adventures (again). Adding to their stress is Rowena Allsopp, the Midland's marvelous reporter and Miss Edie Carr, an old, amazingly Rich (with a capital R) woman who wants to buy the tricks because her grandmother wanted her to - never mind that her grandmother died before the tricks were even invented.

This is one for the Benedict Society crowd, with the added bonus of vocabulary building (it's funnier than that sounds). >ARC provided by publisher.

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