16 July 2012

In a Glass Grimmly; Adam Gidwitz

In a Glass GrimmlyIn a Glass Grimmly by Adam Gidwitz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

New twists on fairy/folk tales?  Yes, please.  A snarky narrator? Yes, yes, please.  So yes, I was quite happy with this sequel/follow-up to A Tale Dark and Grimm.

The stories here are about Jack, Jill and Frog and their adventures looking for the Seeing Glass.  Of course there are morals and Lessons, not to mention salamanders. Younger readers not familiar with stories like The Goblin Market won't find that a problem, while older readers will enjoy this take/twist on the story.  They'll also enjoy the thread of Jack and Jill running through this: Jack is not only the guy behind the beanstalk adventure, he's also the giant killer, the guy who "broke his crown", etc..  And Jill?  She's also his cousin, and the real victim of the invisible suit (see also "Emperor's New Clothes").

Here's hoping for yet another book!

ARC provided by publisher.

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