05 August 2012

Burning Blue; Paul Griffin

Burning BlueBurning Blue by Paul Griffin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was surprised how much I liked this - it could have veered into the very strange, or the completely beyond belief, but stayed close enough to what I thought the reality of the situation was to be a good read. What I mean is, I could believe that Nicole was honestly a nice person, that she wasn't going to be completely ruined (psychologically) by having had acid thrown in her face. And that was the biggest hurdle of the book.

The hacking that Jay does to track the "squirter", the relationship he has with his father (clearly very, very troubled), his seeming expertise at wrestling and his fear of being in public thanks to his seizures were a little piled on; take out any one of those and he would have been a better character. The way girls seemed to want to be with him wasn't completely off-base, but that Nicole's mother becomes such a fan so quickly seems a little weird.

The excerpts from Nicole's diary and therapy sessions could have delved a little deeper into what she was going through, but at heart this is a cybermystery/romance that I think teens will enjoy more because of the lack of supernatural elements than anything else.

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