03 August 2012

Cash Out; Greg Bardsley

Cash Out: A NovelCash Out by Greg Bardsley
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I should just never read the blurbage on books, because this was supposed to be a "sidesplitting romp" and, well, after 100-ish pages, I was waiting for even a mild chuckle.

Obviously I didn't read far enough to find out why two apparently unrelated groups were going after Dan (or possibly it's only about his soon-to-vest stock options that will make him a millionaire - single million, by the way, not serious IT venture money).  Nor did I really care why, or whether or not he and his wife would make their relationship work.  The couples counselor?  Godawful and if that was the author's idea of satire it simply doesn't work.

ARC provided by publisher.

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