30 September 2012

40-Day Journey with Parker J. Palmer; Henry F. French (editor)

40-Day Journey with Parker J. Palmer40-Day Journey with Parker J. Palmer edited by Henry F. French
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Rather than take a 40-day journey, I took a 40-week journey, using the thought exercizes and prompts throughout the week to reflect. This is the type of book you want to take slowly and it's worth redoing ever few years: your thoughts and ideas change over time, ditto your community (both faith and secular). Many of the exercizes were not done as completely as they could have been, so perhaps my revisiting of this will be next year. We'll see.

My only problem is that the sequencing of the readings isn't as smooth as it could be. At times I felt as though there was a transition to a new group of ideas that was abrupt - more careful curation would have helped with those movements.

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