09 November 2012

Prodigy; Marie Lu

Prodigy (Legend, #2)Prodigy by Marie Lu
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Reading this I kept thinking "now Julie's going to shoot President Snow" or "Day's going to start to wear a mockingbird" - in other words, this really felt like the Hunger Games series set in another dystopia.

Yes, this is a different world. There's a country carved out of part of the former US (the Republic) at war with a country carved out of another part (the Colonies), and each are very different. One is totalitarian, militaristic and apparently suffering from a plague bad enough to quarantine all of Los Angeles, the other very capitalist oriented and winning the war. Julie and Day, now on the run from the Republic, are looking to join the Patriots and find Day's remaining sibling, Eden. The problem is, once they reach Vegas and meet the Patriots, it all seems a little too easy.

It's the alternating voices, Julie's and Day's, and their relationships with others and each other that keep this from being a HG-clone. Each feel like a real person, and as information and experience come to them they react in real ways. The fact that there are strong female and male characters in addition to theirs also helps.

If the third book radically changes the story arc it will redeem the series. The first was far better, this just ok.

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