25 November 2012

The Pause Principle; Kevin Cashman

The Pause Principle: Step Back to Lead ForwardThe Pause Principle: Step Back to Lead Forward by Kevin Cashman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I really should have looked more closely at this before reading - as a Quaker, I was interested to see how "pause" (or silence) could affect how we interact with the world, colleagues, etc.. Instead, this was far too much about management style (virtually every few pages had a citation from a How To Manage Better book) and far too little about the actual pause itself. The author tells a story about heading to India to tour and meet the Dalai Lama and getting sick, giving him the "pause" he needed to start this book and I thought "well, what about those of us who can't quite do that?" Very little on technique or implementation, far too much on management-speak.

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