09 December 2012

A Tangle of Knots; Lisa Graff

A Tangle of KnotsA Tangle of Knots by Lisa Graff
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The world is divided between those with Talents and those who are Fair (or without Talent), but not all Talents are equal. Some are simple, like knot tying or spitting, while others are more complicated, like baking cakes. In Poughkeepsie New York, we meet a group of (mostly) Talented people, including Cady, the cake baker. Cady is an orphan and lives in a relatively unpopulated Orphanage (Miss Molloy's Talent is matching children to parents), yet for some reason Cady is 'unmatchable'. Still, there are those cakes...

There are also mysteries surrounding who V is (V being a woman who is without words, for some reason), how the Owner manages to take Talents, whether Zane will learn to be less of a problem child, and whether Will will ever have his adventure. The questions of Talents and what people will do to find theirs as well as keep theirs are also examined. The way in which this is done is a little confusing, as we get several points-of-view and seemingly unrelated storylines (it takes at least halfway through the book before they begin to come together). Still, readers will enjoy this adventure/mystery despite the initial confusion.

And those cakes! Two cakes mentioned in the book that aren't given recipes (the cinnamon one is the one I most wanted to read about), but the recipes included do look very, very good. Don't read this on an empty stomach.

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