16 December 2012

Dark Tide; Elizabeth Haynes

Dark TideDark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This may be suffering from "second novel syndrome", or perhaps by comparison to Into the Darkest Corner, but this didn't get the love that Ms. Haynes previous book did.

Perhaps it's because the suspense isn't ratcheted up as much as it could have been, or that the flashbacks (also prominent in the first book) weren't as necessary as the author thought they were, or something... it just wasn't as good a read.

Genvieve's London backstory is semi-seedy; she's in corporate sales, but to make money to live her dream (buying a houseboat and renovating it) she starts pole dancing at a gentleman's club. The money is very good, yet there's the whole "the owner is involved in shady things" subplot, so after seven months she decides to quit. It's made easier by Dylan (an enforcer for the owner) giving her 50,000 pounds to take care of a package for him. Fast forward a year(ish) and she's renovating the houseboat, enjoying life and actually throwing a boatwarming party when her only friend from the club is murdered - right there, at the marina. Suspense, etc. ensues.

Except... not really. There wasn't the suspense that I'd expected. Would Gen end up with Dylan or Jim? Did it really matter? That says a lot, that I didn't care who she'd end up with. Or who was behind the attacks. Or even what was in the package Dylan gave her.

Here's hoping the third book returns to the form of the first!

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