24 December 2012

Destiny, Rewritten; Kathryn Ftizmaurice

Destiny, RewrittenDestiny, Rewritten by Kathryn Fitzmaurice
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Who am I? Am I what my parents want me to be, or am I who Iwant to be? That's the question most middle schoolers start asking and searching for the answer to. Emily has an especially difficult time thanks to her mother's deciding that 1. she would name her unborn daughter Emily Elizabeth (after the Belle of Amhearst) and 2. Emily would be a poet. All Emily's life that's been the expectation - one she's not sure she wants to live up to. What Emily really wants is to know who her father is, and perhaps to get a response from one of the many letters she's written to Danielle Steele.

The poetry theme is carried throughout the book, from the naming of Emily to an in-class conversation in haiku form, to Carrie Ann's obsession with turning everything into a poem. That part is interesting and could lead to some conversations and classroom activities. How Emily goes about tracking down her lost Dickinson book will feel a little odd to students, as physically visiting the stores is her MO rather than calling (which would make more sense, but less adventuresome). I'm also not sure about a middle schooler reading Danielle Steele - Emily's mother may not have a problem with that, but most parents will.

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