29 December 2012

Paulina; Lesley Howarth

PaulinaPaulina by Lesley Howarth
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Another horror book that just misses the mark. Maybe it's because I know the area this is set in, it just didn't feel quite right.

There are two Paulina's here, sort of. One is really an Amy, but renamed Paulina in honor of the other one... and her father's involvement with the first Paulina's life is a little sketchy. The other Paulina is the problem, delivering outdated papers, breaking things and generally being a malevolent presence in the house.

The level of haunting never rises to the level of horror one hopes, and there are some inconsistencies that niggled. Why the house swap was scheduled for the weeks it was, given Paulina's history, seemed engineered to create the situation. Having the second Paulina use the house the way she did also required a suspension of belief. And the ending? George and Annie's letter saying they were having no more house swaps was just too late for me to care.

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