17 December 2012

Seduction; M.J. Rose

Seduction: A Novel of SuspenseSeduction: A Novel of Suspense by M.J. Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

No where in the blurbage is it mentioned that this is a continuation of the story from The Book of Lost Fragrances, so let that be your guide. I liked this one slightly more (it was about 2.5 stars, rounded up) because there was less going on than in the previous book but still...

The author has a horrible tendency of showing and telling everything. There's little left to the imagination, the descriptions are excessive (paragraphs on food, scent, what places look like) and if that had been cut - along with most of one of the past life regressions/memories (I don't mean 'one session' I mean 'the entire regression') - this would have been a tighter read. Also, I really don't like Malachai. Didn't like him in the first book, like him even less here. The way this book ended, my guess is there's another book coming and he'll be back.

Jac has also lost credibility for me. I get her interest in the myths, in Jungian archetypes, etc., but her supposed rationale (trying to bring sense and order to all this stuff) is at odds with the way she behaves around anything Druidic, scented, Jungian and all the other stuff we get fed.

Had this just stayed with Victor Hugo and the present day, cut about 1/3 of the descriptions and made Jac a stronger heroine this could have been an easy 4 star.

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