20 December 2012

Ship Sooner; Mary Sullivan

Ship Sooner: A NovelShip Sooner by Mary Sullivan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Another book that could do a great deal more with a great deal less. Ship, who has exceptional hearing (she can hear a whisper from far away) lives with her mother and sister Helen - Dad has long since left. Her only friend is Brian, the boy next door, who has an unseen mother and a father who is a little... different. Their story, how they relate to each other, how Brian's 'meeting' with Helen affects their relationship, ditto Brian's sudden disappearance, would have been enough. Add in her yearning for, and questions about, her father and you've got a nice story.

Instead we have Ship's finding a baby in the woods and rescuing it by running away to find her father. HUH? That felt totally unnecessary. It added an element that really jarred with the rest of the book. And the episodes with Rabbit and the white dog? Why?

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