20 December 2012

The Backward Glance; Ronald W. Bresland

The Backward Glance: Cs Lewis And IrelandThe Backward Glance: CS Lewis And Ireland by Ronald W. Bresland
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An interesting approach to CS Lewis, one that ignores his better known works in favor of Boxen and poetry. Why? Because those were (perhaps) the most informed by his Irishness. We tend to forget that Lewis was born and lived in Belfast, that Arthur Greaves stayed there (and was visited by Lewis), and that Mrs. Moore was Irish.

It is a bit odd to read about Lewis and have the Inklings and Tolkein as almost passing references. His conversion to Catholicism is also almost in passing, what matters more is his re-conversion to Christianity ("Ulster Protestantism" is continually mentioned). The focus here are the Irish people with whom Lewis surrounded himself, his meetings with Yeats, his politics vis-a-vis Ireland, etc.. As I said, a bit of an odd take, but one that is largely neglected by other biographers.

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