15 January 2013

At Weddings and Wakes; Alice McDermott

At Weddings and WakesAt Weddings and Wakes by Alice McDermott
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Maybe it was when I read this, or maybe I'm not as appreciative of these "sweeping family sagas" as I once was, but this was really a "meh" for me. It also took a lot of time for me to get into the story as I teased out the relationships between Momma and the aunts and the children and everyone else. The pacing,by nature slow, wasn't as much a problem as the time shifts were. As with who was who, when was when was occasionally a problem for me.

It's too bad, because previously I'd loved books that writers like Belva Plain wrote - I'd hoped this would be a mix of Plain and Maeve Binchy but, well, no.

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