13 January 2013

Help Thanks Wow; Anne Lamott

Help Thanks Wow: Three Essential PrayersHelp Thanks Wow: Three Essential Prayers by Anne Lamott
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not quite the book I'd expected - much more rambling, self-referential writing than about the three prayers. What I mean is, it would have been great if we'd gotten more about how to say or use them in our daily lives; there are a ton of stream-of-consciousness examples but if you're not used to praying there's no guidance on how to start.

So many of my friends are non-believers or non-prayers (not quite the same thing), and had this book said "just start by ---" or done less relating of the prayers to the author's life and slightly more to "here are good times to say 'thanks' and here are some ways in which to do it that don't feel awkward", let alone "you know when you say 'help' in this situation? it's a form of prayer and ---". There is some of that, but it's mixed in with stories about her aging pets, family, church, alcoholism, etc. that those readers will give up before getting to those kernels.

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