18 January 2013

Heroes of Olympus; Philip Freeman

Heroes of OlympusHeroes of Olympus by Philip Freeman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The perfect book to bridge the gap between D'Aulaire and Hamilton, sadly without great color illustrations (which would have made it a much better book, I think). The stories will be nothing new to anyone who has gone through the mythology unit in grammar school but there's greater detail than that age group gets. There's also a good glossary of Who's Who, and an ok family tree (which could/should have been expanded).

My hope is that someone will do a similar project for Norse and Indian gods. Those stories are far less known by students these days, and with many schools pushing multicultural curriculum units those would really be a wonderful addition. Much better than the current A-Z Encyclopedias of [fill in the culture/country] Myths.

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