10 January 2013

Light-Walking-Nelly's Version; Eva Figes

Light/Walking/Nelly's VersionLight/Walking/Nelly's Version by Eva Figes
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Not quite sure how to classify this: it's either my first DNF of 2013, or my first two DNFs (this is three books in one, hence the question). I finished "Nelly's Version" but was very unimpressed... couldn't get through the other two.

The problem was that the writing overwhelmed the idea, as Figes overwrote what could have been sparer. Nelly - if that's her name - is either old and forgetful, running away from something, involved in something nasty or, well, there are a number of possibilities. That was interesting. But there's a little too much going with the writing, deliberately distracting from figuring out what the story is. The same held true for the next two pieces, where it took too long for me to get into the plot and care.

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