31 January 2013

Loki's Wolves; K.L. Armstrong

Loki's Wolves (The Blackwell Pages, #1)Loki's Wolves by K.L. Armstrong
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The moment I read The Lightning Thief I had several students in mind as ones who would love that book - I had the same reaction here. Plus, Viking mythology. Far too few students know about Odin and Loki, Freya, Thor, et al., because Greek and Roman mythology is what's taught in schools (and whatever happened to the books I read when I was younger, beautifully illustrated mythologies from all over the world? Today you have D'Aulaire and Hamilton, with nothing in between!).

Matthew Thorsen (get it? THOR's son) is the son of a police chief. Fen Brekke (Fen as in FENris) is one of those "lost" kids, passed from family member to family member. The two don't get along. Turns out they're both keys to the upcoming Ragnarök, this time with kids descended from the gods, not the gods themselves. So off they trot, looking for the other descendents, and on the way find Norns, Valkyrie, Odin, Baldir, Frey, Freya and more (or, if not them exactly, their modern day descendants).

As with the Percy Jackson series, this is a great blend of the mythology and modern day stuff. There's definitely a need for a little more explication of what and who, because few readers in the target group will know the names and adventures (that's why this should really be four and a half stars).

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