18 January 2013

Now You See Me; S.J. Bolton

Now You See Me (Lacey Flint, #1)Now You See Me by S.J. Bolton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A second new-to-me mystery series! I'd read an earlier Bolton (Sacrifice) and wasn't that impressed but this was much better.

Better how? The writing is tauter, and the Big Twist really was one. There are times when readers will think "oh, I know what Lacey's hiding" but, well... not really. That's always a good thing, when you're fooled until the end.

As for the plot, there seems to be a real rash of Ripper-itis going around. Within the past few months there was the BBC show Whitechapel, with a Ripper thread, and Ripper Street is premiering tomorrow, and there are many mysteries (in print and on tv) that use him as a motif. In this case, there's DC Lacey Flint, trying to convince a victim to report a sex crime squad when a woman literally dies before her eyes, holding her hand, in a deserted car park. At once under suspicion and part of the investigation, Lacey tries to help the MIT solve the murder without giving away too many of her own secrets (or fall for the handsome-yet-snarly DI Joesbury).

Luckily there's more going on than just a copycat (another reason for the high rating) and the characters are nicely rounded. In some ways, making this Lacey's story is akin to the Lynley novels with Barbara Havers as narrator - or a Morse with Lewis as the lead storyteller. It's an interesting take, because the decisive actions that the underlings take can always be called into question by the superior officer.

While I can easily get the second in this series, I have to wait until June for the third. Sigh.

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