22 January 2013

The Ice Princess; Camilla Läckberg

The Ice Princess (Patrik Hedström, #1)The Ice Princess by Camilla Läckberg
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It was interesting seeing the start of the Falck/Hedstrom relationship (well, not the exact start - that happened in childhood) and their first case. The Ice Princess is Alex Wijkner nee Carlson, found in a frozen tub of blood and a apparent suicide. Years before she was BFFs with Erica but for some reason started to pull away and then she and her family suddenly moved; she's returned to Fjallbacka and her family home on weekends and, well....

Of course it's not suicide and of course it's connected with whatever drove her family away from Fjallbacka 25 years earlier (one twist I figured out early on, the others not as quickly). There's more going on than just the murder inquiry, too: there's the relationship between Erica and Patrik and the question of Anna's marriage to Lucas. At times there are a few too many points of view to follow, perhaps in an attempt to create more confusion as to who is involved and why.

There's also the problem of translation. For some reason, we hear a lot about food (pastries being a favorite topic, but creme fraiche is mentioned a few more times than seemed necessary) and about the furnishings in each home. Whether that was included originally to pace the novel may not have worked as well when it was translated from Swedish to English.

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