08 February 2013

Crash; Lisa McMann

Crash (Visions, #1)Crash by Lisa McMann
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 starts is a bit generous - 2.5 would be better. Why? Because the author is trying to do too much here and it's the start to a series (a one-off would have been much better).

First, there's a family feud between two pizza families. Second, there's a gay older brother. Third, the author uses lists far too often. Fourth, Our Heroine has visions. And Fifth, Dad's a depressive hoarder. Subtract any two of them and it would have been a stronger book. That Jules' brother is gay is casually tossed in, which is fine, but it felt deliberately casual, as in "hey, look, here's a gay character because they happen, you know?" (if so, the comments about going to church could have been stricken). That Dad's a depressive hoarder was, I suppose, to further illustrate why Jules had no friends and to give her Something To Overcome. Without the visions the story wouldn't move forward, so ok, leave them in but... Sigh.

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