24 February 2013

Fearless; Cornelia Funke

FearlessFearless by Cornelia Funke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We're back in Mirrorworld, based on our world but alive with all the creatures we read about in fairy tales. Jacob, in our Chicago, has bid on a magic bottle inhabited by a northern djinni - their blood is rumored to reverse curses and boy does Jacob have a curse (that moth which will eventually eat his heart, a 'gift' after his role in the Blood Wedding; confused? read the first book). Turns out, the blood doesn't work so we're on to Plan Z, a magical crossbow that will either kill thousands or save one (depending on how it's fired).

Jacob and Fox/Vixen/Celeste go off searching for the crossbow, then for the heart, hand and head of the man to whom it belonged, all the while racing time and a bastard treasure-hunting Goyle. We take a side trip to Albion, get stopped through chokeweed, learn about crosses and doublecrosses, and even meet Bluebeard. Funke has, once again, fully realized an Other World and unlike Inkspell's "middle book" issues, Fearless is as good as Reckless. Of course, the story is not completely wrapped up, so stay tuned for another book before we hit Happily Ever After.

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