06 February 2013

Notes from Ghost Town; Kate Ellison

Notes from Ghost TownNotes from Ghost Town by Kate Ellison
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This had elements of things I love in books: a mystery, a ghost, a girl looking for... something. But for some reason, it didn't grab me as much as I'd hoped and I'm not sure why.

Olivia (Liv, Liver, etc.) is an artist off to art school when her BFF Lucas kisses her - suddenly, everything is greyscale, all color gone. Shortly after that, her mother is under arrest for the murder of Lucas and Olivia's life unravels. Barely a week before the final hearing to lock her schizophrenic mother away under "diminished capacity" custody, Lucas appears to Olivia and convinces her that he was killed, but not by her mother. So Olivia has three problems to deal with: her artistic talent is gone because she cannot see color any more, she's trying to clear her mother, and she might be going crazy because she's seeing/hearing/talking to a ghost.

The creep factor, the level of suspense never rise to the occasion. I also found some of Olivia's life implausible for a 16-year-old. Perhaps that's why it's only a 3 star.

ARC provided by publisher.

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