01 February 2013

The Time Fetch; Amy Herrick

The Time FetchThe Time Fetch by Amy Herrick
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Set in Park Slope Brooklyn, The Time Fetch has a The Dark is Rising quality to it: the rock Eddie brings to class isn't a rock, but a Fetch filled with moments that we don't need. Of course, this is all near Midwinter's Eve so there's a great urgency about the whole thing because that's when the threads between the worlds are thinnest. Eddie's not one of those friend-filled guys, but he manages to bring Danton, Brigid and Feenix along as they try to fix what Eddie mistakenly broke.

At times the writing is a little rushed, and explanations of what's going on (for example, what the Fetch is or how it all ties in, let alone some of the things and people we meet later) would have been nice. Setting this in Brooklyn does bring this sort of book into today's world, showing that even in a large city there's room for mystery and Olden Ways.

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