28 March 2013

Absent; Katie Williams

AbsentAbsent by Katie Williams
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Yet another YA book about death! This one follows Paige, newly dead and sentenced to remaining in her high school, limited in her roving to the property lines (when she forgets, she is immediately pulled back to her 'death spot'). Joining her are Evan, a boy who died sometime in the past, so long ago that Paige doesn't know who he was or his story, and Brooke, also recently dead of a cocaine overdose. They spend their days roving the school, sometimes hanging out with friends, at other times attending classes. Then one day Paige discovers she can go into the body of someone thinking about her and she spends days being her former classmates, in part to allay rumors that she jumped and in part to find out what people really do think of her.

Absent has many interesting qualities, but the greater ideas of what death is and means don't really come up (as they do in books like Elsewhere or Between) nor is there a lot of humor (as in Scorch or the "Death is..." series). Paige does ultimately learn the truth about her death and manages to move on. The writing has some wonderful parts, as when Paige talks about the various cliques/types in her school.

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