31 March 2013

My Summer of Pink & Green; Lisa Greenwald

My Summer of Pink & Green (Pink & Green, #2)My Summer of Pink & Green by Lisa Greenwald
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Pink and green don't make me think eco-conscious, they make me think preppy. But that's clearly just me and a holdover from my 70s prep school days. In this book, we're not talking Izods and espadrilles, we're talking "spa with eco-friendly products."

Once again, Lucy's involved with the family pharmacy, soon to be family pharmacy and spa. She's all excited about the work she'll be doing to help organize, order, arrange, etc. over her summer vacation when reality sets in: because she's only in 7th grade, she's not going to be in charge. No one sits her down and says this, of course, they just hire a spa consultant and essentially leave her out of the planning process. That didn't quite ring true for me, because if she was responsible enough to get them the grant and save the pharmacy, give make-up applications and all that before this summer, when did her mother and grandmother start to forget that perhaps she should at least be told what's going on?

What was far more real for me was her relationship with Sunny (semi on the rocks because Sunny has a new boyfriend), her potential boyfriend Yanir, her being upset with her sister for daring to bring home a boyfriend, and her angst about spending time with annoying Bevin. Those stories shone and really will resonate with readers. The spa? It's fun, and a great idea, but the way in which Lucy's family manage that topic vis-a-vis Lucy just didn't work.

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