08 March 2013

The Demonologist; Andrew Pyper

The DemonologistThe Demonologist by Andrew Pyper
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book had real promise, but somehow just missed. It may have been that it took far too long to figure out why the demon was interested in Ullman, or what in his history led him here, or how the Pursuer and the Thin Woman were related to everything... or it may have been the exaggerated conceit of using John Milton's Paradise Lost as a roadmap. Whatever it was, I liked this less than I'd expected. And the comparisons to The Historian don't help, as Kostova fleshed out the story far more than Pyper does.

Some of the imagery is really heavy handed (Ullman=All man, get it?), or the use of Venice as one of the main locations. The whole question of which devil it is, so that Ullman can give it a proper name (although he refuses to use it for a long time) was interesting and could have gone on longer, but how Ullman made his decision isn't quite clear (or wasn't to me). As for Tess' diary, the less said the better.

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