11 March 2013

The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore; Kate Madison

The Incredible Charlotte SycamoreThe Incredible Charlotte Sycamore by Kate Maddison
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Charlotte is the daughter to the Queen's surgeon, engaged to a man she's never met (he's an explorer in the Darwinian mold, half a world away from England) and interested in the inventions that fill her steampunk world. One day she and two friends are attacked by what appear to be rabid dogs - only the dogs are mechanical, yet there's still the rabies issue to deal with. Charlotte finds ways to investigate both rabies and who might be behind the dogs (and then bats) while also sabotaging her engagement and hiding the fact that she was bitten and infected from her maids and father.

This reads like the start to a series, with Charlotte as steampunk adventurer in and around the world of Queen Victoria's palace. If you like steampunk, then this will appeal; if you don't, that part of the world is less intrusive than in other books and it might be a way to learn what steampunk is about.

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