23 March 2013

Where You Can Find Me; Sheri Joseph

Where You Can Find Me: A NovelWhere You Can Find Me: A Novel by Sheri Joseph
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Some of the characters here were wonderful, but some I just wanted to slap silly. Mom, for example. When your son gets returned to you after three years of sexual slavery and "rescue" by the pedophile's doctor, you don't act like a spoiled child. Ditto Dad. The adult irresponsibility just annoyed me so much! Equally annoying was the shrink and FBI 'handler' Julianna - who knows what they were supposed to be doing/thinking, but it was annoying and blatantly stereotypical.

And then there's Caleb, back from what sister Lark calls three years of "Gone". At times he's confused, living a bifurcated life that relies too much on outside clues as to how to act and at others he cleverly manipulates people around him to getting what he wants. He's the reason I didn't give up on this book. The other interesting person, Lark, wasn't explored enough and I really wish she had been because whenever she was given a voice, it was realistic (although if I'd been her, I would have been so much angrier at Mom and Dad).

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