08 April 2013

Another Little Piece; Kate Karyus Quinn

Another Little PieceAnother Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Years ago there was a boy who wanted revenge for something and was granted the ability to have it for eternity. How? He moves from body to body, taking revenge. At some point, he becomes lonely and convinces a girl to join him (she doesn't get revenge, she gets a love curse) and together they move through history, spending a year or two in a body and then moving on (the "moving on" process is pretty gruesome).

A year ago at a party, Annaliese Rose Gordon emerged from the woods bloody and screaming. Then she disappeared. Suddenly she reappears in Texas, with no memory of who she is and where she's from. Ordinary things she remembers, but her life? Sadly, no. Still, she returns home to her parents in suburban Buffalo and begins to resume her life. Waiting for her have been Logan, the boy she was with at the party (even though he had a girlfriend at the time), Gwen, her best friend (who is strangely distant) and Dex, the weird boy next door. Slowly she pieces together what happened... and no more because that'd be a spoiler.

The loss of a star was because at times it was a little confusing keeping the various points-of-view separate. The voices all sounded the same, and with no other clues (change of font, date stamp, etc.) it could take a moment - or more - to figure out if we were Anna, Annaliese or someone else. The link between the brujas and the Physician was never quite clear, which would have helped. Finally, the ending was also a little unclear (to explain further would again be too spoilery).

Still, this is one of those reads that keeps you interested and reading despite perhaps having other things to do. What happened to Annaliese, and Anna, and how? Will she end up with Dex or Logan or someone else? Who is the Physician? And finally, do Annaliese's parents and friends believe that this is Annaliese, or is this someone/something else?

ARC provided by publisher.

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