27 April 2013

Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel; Diana Lopez

Ask My Mood Ring How I FeelAsk My Mood Ring How I Feel by Diana Lopez
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Are mood rings a thing again? Or is the author trying to relive her youth?

Chia (more on that later) is an average middle school girl: not a great student, not seriously popular but not friendless, etc.. Her biggest problem is that her mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and Chia now has to live up to a promesa made so that her mother will get better, as well as cope with the changes that this brings to her family. She has minor problems, like her brilliant-yet-deeply-annoying younger sister and Jimmy "Gimme", her younger brother who throws temper tantrums as easily as breathing. There's nothing unusual in any of this, really, and this may be a good read for the target audience.

What annoyed this reader was the references to mood rings, pet rocks and Chia pets. Because this book is set today, I spent time wondering how old the parents were if these were things they'd grown up with, and came up with my age. It's not implausible that someone my age, who was a child/teen in the 70s, would have a middle school child (or two). But these parents don't act like their in their mid-40s/50s. I also wondered about the Chia thing. Where I am, in the metropolitan NY area, we have Chia commercials every holiday season. Perhaps they don't in Texas (where the book is set)?

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