11 April 2013

Game; Barry Lyga

Game (Jasper Dent, #2)Game by Barry Lyga
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

While I spend a lot of time railing against the seriesification (that's not a word? tough!) of YA lit, for Jasper Dent? More, please!

Lyga's I Hunt Killers was the start of a series, and here we have Jazz, mere months from 18 (when he would no longer have to worry about being removed from his grandmother's house) and just trying to make it through senior year of high school. Then the NYPD asks for his help with the Hat-Dog Killer... can he use his lifelong indoctrination in how to be a serial killer to catch another one? Of course he can. Jazz sees things in the photos and at the crime/murder/dump scene that the police and FBI have missed, all while hearing his father's voice telling him he, too, could be a serial killer.

His girlfriend Connie gets involved, as does his BFF, Howie. Grandma is still crazy, and we're introduced to Jazz' aunt/Billy's sister, long vanished from the family in an attempt to separate herself from the media and madness surrounding being "Billy the Kid's" sister. Even better (for me) was the setting, my old nabe in Brooklyn.

Unlike the plethora of paranormal series out there, I can't think of another YA character like Jazz. On tv, however, there are more than enough "read-alikes", so I can cozy up to reruns while I wait for the next book.

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