19 April 2013

Sweet Salt Air; Barbara Delinsky

Sweet Salt AirSweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinsky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If this were set in Britian it'd be an AGA-saga, but I'm glad it was set in Maine. At times the Maine aspects got a little annoying (yes, they do say chowdah. let's move on.) but the story - while predictable - was well done and just the right things for the mood I was in when I read it.

Charlotte and Nicole were BFFs from age 8, but ten years ago something happened and that friendship has faded. Now there's an opportunity to blend their talents (Charlotte, a freelance journalist, plus Nicole, a food photographer/blogger, plus the island's amazing herbs/food equals a cookbook). Of course the Something will come up and play a major role in the plot. Of course there's tons of exposition about their lives prior to the book. Of course there's a predictable love affair. Of course both Charlotte and Nicole change, both in good ways. Of course it ends Happily Ever After.

This will make the perfect beach read.

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