17 April 2013

The Broken Places; Ace Atkins

The Broken PlacesThe Broken Places by Ace Atkins
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Set in Mississippi, this series follows former Army/local boy/now sheriff Quinn as he tries to corral his family and keep the peace. In this episode, his sister Caddy has taken up with a former convict, Jamey Dixon, (officially pardoned by the governor) who Found God and is establishing a church in town. Complicating this is a breakout from the prison, and the escapees are looking for Dixon because their leader shared information with his about a sunken Wells Fargo truck carrying a lot of money. Quinn has to find the escapees, who are on quite the spree, and protect his family. Being Mississippi and summer, there's a tornado to contend with - I suspect the clean-up from that will feature in the next book.

Is Dixon really "holy" now? Which side is Suggs on? Will Quinn get his men, or will they escape, or something else? And what about Quinn's complicated love life? Those questions - and more - are answered, albeit not cleanly, by the end.

The language is raw, the action rough, and the characters complicated. For some, this will be an addictive series. For me, however, one will be enough.

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