24 April 2013

The Butterfly Sister; Amy Gail Hansen

The Butterfly SisterThe Butterfly Sister by Amy Gail Hansen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Given the recent revelations about Horace Mann and Poly Prep (not to mention Penn State) and remembering my college years, when it was known that if you were female, you stayed away from certain professors and if you were male, you stayed away from others, the affair between Mark (Assistant Professor) and Ruby was a familiar story. Ditto Mark's affairs with other female students. Adding the academic theft of their work to further his own professional rise to tenure and full professorship only added to my interest.

Ruby's involvement with the investigation into Beth's disappearance, based on their tenuous connection via Ruby loaning/giving Beth her suitcase (which later ends up being returned to Ruby by a lost/delayed luggage service) also made sense. She's tentative, but intrigued, in part because of the way she left Tarble following her suicide attempt: it's a way to tentatively reconnect with her former friends and life. Using a possible newspaper article as her 'in' gives her a reason to connect and keep her distance in case the hoped for healing doesn't happen (of course it does).

So why only three stars? The reason behind Beth's disappearance. It just didn't ring true. I didn't buy the premise or the ending.

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