17 April 2013

The Glitter Trap; Barbara Brauner

Oh My Godmother: The Glitter TrapOh My Godmother: The Glitter Trap by Barbara Brauner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cute - the type of book that will appeal to girls (and those mothers worried about "content"). This first book in the series sets up what I'm guessing is the premise: ordinary, not-popular girl runs into a fairy godmother, does magic, everyone learns lessons, fairy godmother disappears.

In this case, the "running into" is more "fairy godmother flies into the glitter-glued hair", and boy is she cranky! This is not your traditional sweet, understanding, helpful fairy godmother. No, Katatina is more concerned with being demoted and fulfilling her mission with Paige than helping Lacey with her problems. It's almost impossible to spoiler a book like this, because you know the ending will be a happy one. ARC provided by publisher.

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