24 April 2013

The Silent Wife; A.S.A. Harrison

The Silent WifeThe Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I really shouldn't read blurbs, because they raise expectations too high. Calling this akin to Gone Girl makes some sense: we have dual points-of-view, we have a husband and wife in a "meh" marriage with problems, and there's a murder (the wife, Jodi, actually says that she never thought she'd be a killer somewhere in the early stages of the book). Are the narrators unreliable? No idea. I read 30% (per my Kindle's reckoning) and gave up.

Where this differed from Gone Girl for me was that I didn't care about the situation or Jodi and Todd. While in GG I didn't like them, the plot was interesting enough to bring me along. Plus, not liking them was part of the author's intent. That may have been the case here, but the way in which we're introduced to what happened is so slow, giving me two people I really didn't want to read about with no "why you should read further" in that first 30%.

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