15 May 2013

After the Snow; S.D. Crockett

After the SnowAfter the Snow by S.D. Crockett
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Another DNF - racking up a lot of them recently.

Here's what I got in the first 75 pages: we're in a snow-filled future, it's unclear why. There's a Big Evil Government, who issue papers and Willo's family doesn't have them, so they can't hunt legally. They live in a hidden house, trading with their neighbor - getting ripped off because they're not legal. One day Willo returns home to discover everyone is gone (he blames the neighbor) and knows he has to leave. He packs a sled, heads out, and then meets up with a girl and her brother starving. By that point, I gave up.

Here's the thing: Willo is supposed to be in his mid-teens, yet his voice and skills seem to be that of someone much younger. The survival part is sketchy (My Side of the Mountain does it much better), as is what happened to this world. By the time we meet new characters, I didn't care.

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