12 May 2013

Broken; Karin Fossum

BrokenBroken by Karin Fossum
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Two stories here, one a rather Pirandello-esque conversation between the author and a character, the other the character's story. Alvar skips to the front of the character line, insisting that the author write about him, give him a name and purpose. He's a little shy and diffident, doesn't mean to interrupt but he's also quite insistent that he has something that makes him memorable. He's given a name, Alvar Eide, and a profession (he works in an art gallery) to go along with his self-contained, tidy, solo life. Then one day a girl walks into his gallery and his life, completely disrupting what he thinks his story should be. He even argues about it with his author!

This was supposed to be a suspense-filled book, but I didn't really see that. Alvar's life was really quite normal and his actions predictable, even the "surprise" ending. Having the addition of Alvar arguing, pleading and persuading his author to give him a life and story was far more interesting.

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